Lending Simplified

Real Estate Loan Origination Software System

The DealKeeper® platform integrates and automates every step of a Real Estate Investor’s loan lifecycle.

A single platform from origination to servicing that keeps all of your deals and deal documents organized.

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time and money and fund your deals faster with a more efficient automated process


monitor and manage your company performance with customizable dashboards and analytics


security and reliability with a fully compliant system equipped with audit trail and data tracking


origination, underwriting, and servicing made easy on our user-friendly cloud-based platform


checklists and workflow to make sure you never miss a requirement


impress your borrowers and investors with a simple, end-to-end solution a clean look and feel

When you became a real estate lender, you probably thought the lending process would be pretty straightforward. The reality is that obtaining and closing loans can be a frustrating process.  At times you feel like a juggler trying to manage all of the tedious requirements needed to close your deals.

Introducing DealKeeper:

The Real Estate Loan Origination Software System Designed Specifically for you, the Real Estate Lender focused on lending to investors.

Watch this video to see how DealKeeper works!

Simple Loan Servicing

Simple Loan Servicing allows you to calculate interest, generate statements, record payments, fees, and adjustments.

Borrower & Lender Portals

Borrower and Lender portal checklists are automatically created based on your tasks and easy to use to ensure that you never miss a requirement.

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards allow you to easily track and monitor borrower, loan and company performance.

Real-time Tracking

Borrowers and Lenders can log into their portals and track all of their deals in real-time.

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Real Estate Loan Servicing Software System Features:

  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Bridge Loan
  • Term Loans
  • Construction Draw Management
  • Loan Servicing Module
  • Custom Document Lists
  • Automated Checklists
  • Email Notifications
  • Full Audit Controls
  • Lender Portal
  • Borrower Portal
  • Public Application
  • Custom Statuses
  • Personalized Notifications
  • White Labeled Portals
  • QuickBooks (Online) Integration
  • ACH Collection
  • Document Generation

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