Hard Money Loan Servicing Software System

These are a few of DealKeeper’s best features that could help you:

  • Underwriting Workflow – Automated checklists, document collection systems, CRM capabilities
  • Borrower Online Portals and Investor Reporting – Real-time communication and reporting to ensure that you never miss a lending requirement and that investor reports are on time and accurate every time
  • Powerful Dashboards – Monitor, manage and report company performance with customizable dashboards and analytics
  • Lead Generation & Online Applications – Grow your clientele with simple online applications

When you became a real estate lender, you probably thought the lending process would be pretty straightforward. The reality is that obtaining and closing loans can be a frustrating process. At times you will feel like a juggler trying to manage all of the tedious requirements needed to close your deals. Introducing DealKeeper, the real estate loan origination software system designed specifically for you, the hard money or private lender focused on lending to real estate investors.

Real estate investor loans are complex, and with DealKeeper’s cloud-based real estate loan origination and servicing software system, these loans are more accessible than ever. The user-friendly dashboard works to streamline the lending process, especially when compared with other solutions. With DealKeeper, there is greater transparency, which allows private lenders to increase the bottom line. It was designed for hard money and private lenders and integrates and automates all the steps of the loan lifecycle.

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